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About Creative Ports

Creative Ports aims to improve and encourage collaboration between the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) actors of the participating countries and to further develop strategies and processes around internationalisation.

Creative Ports brings all of the relevant groups together to bundle their competencies and create synergies.

For this, we will hold a range of workshops and seminars throughout 2020 and 2021, offering the partners an opportunity to share experiences and best practices on internationalisation. These encounters will create opportunities and provide ample space for joint development of training and networking formats, as well as discussions and analysis around methods of supra-regional cooperation.

We will exchange tools of internationalisation, test them in a transnational context and develop learning modules from them. We all work with local cultural and creative actors and SMEs and ensure facilitation of transnational cooperation with peers from other regions. Companies and other players in the CCIs will thereby unveil opportunities for internationalisation and initiate joint value creation.

The Baltic Sea region provides an ideal model on how an economy, based on knowledge and driven by innovation, can be developed. The region has a rich CCI sector, characterised by strong and diverse national and regional cultures.

Yet, the sector has not exhausted its export opportunities and potential for transnational cooperation.
This is where Creative Ports steps in.

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